Richard Seward Newton

Hardback/Kindle Edition 15 January 2015

Paperback Edition 15 September 2015


Blue Mark Books are proud to present Tisala. We believe it is perhaps the most important story of whales and whaling ever published.


Richard Seward Newton's epic tale explores the horrors and cruelty of industrial whaling from a new perspective - from that of Tisala, a Blue Whale. The story is moving and profoundly sad, yet remains optimistic to the end.


But it is not just about whales. Beyond the whaling history, and its terrible effect on the lives of Tisala and his family, lies the parallel life story of David, his family and loves and their own fortune and misfortune, coming to terms with the horrors of whaling and the looming problems of mankind.


Together, David and Tisala explore these issues, from war and religion to economics and happiness, in the dawning realisation that a crisis for civilised humanity is fast approaching at the start of the twenty-first century. It is a story and philosophical journey of profound importance in understanding our age.







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