Shanghai Passenger

Shanghai Passenger


Lucy Brydon

Paperback/Kindle Edition 15 September 2015


Shanghai Passenger follows Ruby, a young Scottish writer who has just landed in Shanghai, as she attempts to write her first novel in the world's most exciting metropolis. Having found her new best friend Rose and fallen in love with Roman, it seems that life couldn't be better. Until it stops being better.


As Ruby becomes engulfed in Shanghai's seedy underbelly, she begins to look for a way to move on. But when she loses her job, she discovers there may only be one option to finance her escape from Shanghai...


Shanghai Passenger weaves a retelling of the ancient story of Zhuangzi's Dream of the Butterfly with a coming-of-age story laced with satirical bite. With Shanghai, the inimitable whore of the Orient as its backdrop, it is also an exploration of fast-paced development at a pivotal moment in Chinese history.


Lucy talks a little more about the book at the link below.


Shanghai Passenger







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