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Richard Seward Newton


In 1960, David, a young London biologist researching in the Scottish Islands encounters a Blue Whale who does not go away. David becomes convinced that the whale is trying to communicate. With the help of an acoustic engineer a breakthrough is made. Two worlds meet.


The whale, Tisala, wants David to help save the few remaining Blue Whales from being hunted to extinction. Set against the background history of whaling, the cruel slaughter of the greatest mammals on earth, and the struggle to stop it, the existence of a higher intelligence emerges.


A human brain weighs three pounds, a Blue Whale's fifteen, with a convoluted cerebral cortex. Just as the true wonder of the Blue Whales' intelligence is discovered, they face their end.


This is a story of love, passion and friendship in which the lives of Tisala and David are bound up with the problems of the modern world. In the sweep of twentieth century history, Tisala comes to understand that mankind threatens its own future as well as much of life on earth.


In this philosophical and satirical novel Tisala turns his mind to the great issues facing humanity, from war, religion and population to education, economics and ethics, and seeks to distil the knowledge and wisdom that might lead to a happier world. It is an astonishing voyage of exploration in understanding the world in which we live.


A profound, sad, hope-filled, epic story.







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