James James on Bugle & Yarrington

Bugle & Yarrington - Is It Legal?


"There is very little actual law involved." – The Gazette


James James wrote his comic legal satire after he realised that he'd been a lawyer ten years and that his profession needed an injection of humour and healthy lampooning. But "law is inherently dull" and the end result much funnier than even James had anticipated.


"Yes," says James, "It was meant to be much more satirical and vitriolic, really throwing all the bad things about the profession back at it. But the problem is that law is inherently dull... So yes, the book is ostensibly about law, lawyers, and a law firm - and I do my best to ridicule them all - but it isn't really about any of them, and you certainly don't need to understand any law to enjoy it...


"It ended up being primarily a very funny and a very human book, about doubts, fears, aspirations, lives and loves. Subjects that we can relate to, and that interest us. Subjects that make us laugh.








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