In The Field

In The Field


Jesse Loncraine

Hardback / Kindle Edition 6 April 2017


Journalist Orin Perth disappears somewhere in East Africa after delivering a powerful article on Christine Lokeka whose son Paul has been snatched by the militia that raided her village. Orin's mother Liz, herself a retired reporter, is determined to find her son. Heedless of her battle with cancer, she heads into the field in search of him.


As Liz and Christine deal with their sons' disappearances in their own very different ways, Orin and Paul struggle to stay alive without losing their humanity in the process.


This thrilling debut novel grapples with the ethical dilemmas of conflict reporting as seen through the complex and compelling relationships between two mothers and their sons.

'In The Field packs a real punch. Jesse Loncraine leads you confidently through a dark and often desperate world. His writing is unsparing and unsentimental yet, at times, moves you close to tears.'

- Michael Palin.


'The world of In the Field is dangerous, very dangerous. It is Jesse Loncraine's gift to take you there, scary as it is, but reassure you that love and humanity can survive. His characters, however bizarre their experiences, are all perfectly believable. The reader wants them all to survive and thrive. Hence the excitement to the very last page of this fully-achieved debut: a page-turner par excellence.'

- Sir Ian McKellan







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