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"A chiselled novel you won't put down."

- Marie Claire


"If you like Philip Roth you will like Steven Boykey Sidley. They both created a middle class hero, average in everything, loud mouthed, funny and desperate. Meyer appeals to us as if we were sitting in the first row of a club listening to him with emotion, at times carried away by his joy, other times touched by the melancholy of his chant. Life is but a jazz solo, ephemeral and intoxicating, and this book is a real success."

- Elle


"Three books into an astonishing career, Sidley's modus operandi came fully formed out of the box: make 'em laugh a lot, make 'em cry a little, and make them think all the way through. Big hearted, whip smart and his best yet, Imperfect Solo invites us to celebrate the coinage of an adjective: Sidley-esque."

- RICHARD POPLAK, Daily Maverick


"Imperfect Solo is a near perfect commercial novel. Not only does it entertain, but it provokes, intrigues and captures the good, the bad and the ugly so vicariously that it reads effortlessly."



"Sidley plays with parody, engaging his reader at a deep level, while frequently causing gales of laughter even amidst the saddest moments."



"Imperfect Solo is Steven Boykey Sidley's first novel translated in French, in which humour and melancholy are shaken up into a metaphysical cocktail. Absurd and hilarious... yet, in the second part, a profound melancholy is added to the humour... and while still playing the laughter card, the author reminds us that his hero is so emotional that he can cry. The ending is an agonizingly beautiful concert."

- Figaro Litheraire



"A hilarious novel which is philo-sophical, totally crazy and crammed with forceful dialogues. It signs the coming on the literary scene of a new troublemaker. Smashing!"

- Madame Figaro


"With a subjectivity similar to that of the paranoiac in Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, Steven Boykey Sidley carries us into his hero's imaginary and real tribulations. A little jewel of Jewish depressive humour."

- Livres Hebdo


"Unlikely as it may seem, the southern tip of Africa has given rise to a male narrative voice, the precise timbre of which has not been heard since Portnoy. This is not to say that Sidley's books are derivative. They aren't. They are an original product of the 21st century and as such ring with authenticity."



"Steven Boykey Sidley perfectly handles the art of blending the right amounts of humour, provocation, and even philosophy and metaphysics."

- Le Dauphine


"Imperfect Solo is a lucid insight about anguish, yet the humorous treatment in the writing makes it a remarkable novel."

- La Principaute


"Reading a Boykey Sidley novel is to experience vicariously a life lived to the full, with all of the excitement, tension, mishaps and intellectual stimulation one wishes for but rarely gets. Sidley has the knack of expressing ideas most of us merely fumble at - and he does so acutely, fascinatingly, viscerally. Full of unflagging energy, verve and surprise, Imperfect Solo is a rare aesthetic delight."

- CRAIG MACKENZIE, professor of English, University of Johannesburg and UJ Award judge








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