Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Forgive Us Our Trespasses


Emily Hunter

Hardback/Kindle Edition 29 January 2015

Paperback Edition 15 September 2015


A dark and passionate work of literary fiction.


Hannah and Alex meet by chance, but perhaps inevitably. A passionate love affair consumes them, and threatens to destroy their married lives, and their beliefs. Often startling imagery portrays their physical and mental states as the affair grips them. Its effect on each of them is profoundly different, but their fates are entwined until the end.


In this literary novel, Emily Hunter explores human nature under the influence of love, religion and secrecy. The book is narrated from the points of view of both Hannah and Alex. Their contrasting characters and narrative voices provide a startling juxtaposition of thoughts and beliefs, and lead to a profoundly resonant and thrilling climax.


We interviewed Emily about her and her book - please follow the link below to read it.







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