Flack's Last Shift

Flack's Last Shift


Alex Wade

Hardback/Kindle Edition 9 June 2016

Paperback Edition tbc


Harry Flack is reliable and his judgement is cast-iron. For years, as the longest-serving night-lawyer for The Record, he has kept the newspaper out of court. But on the last day of his working life, a new editor arrives. It's Eddie Conrad, and Flack has reasons to seek revenge on him for affairs between them and others that are set deep in the past...


Eliminating legal problems has been Flack's life-blood for a quarter of a century. He knows them intimately; he is Fleet Street's finest. But will creating legal blunders to incriminate Conrad be as easy? Can he do it without implicating himself? And can anyone stop him?


With newsroom twists and turns and a rare sense of absurdist wit, Flack's Last Shift blurs fact and fiction, shining a light on what goes on behind the scenes on Fleet Street. It is a deft portrayal of the newspaper world at a time of unprecedented change and upheaval. Next time you pick up a paper, you'll think twice about how it’s ended up on the newsstand.

Flack's Last Shift







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