Bugle & Yarrington

Bugle & Yarrington


James James

Hardback/Kindle Edition 29 January 2015

Paperback Edition 15 September 2015


Bugle & Yarrington is a magnificent romp through London's legal world of the noughties. Solicitor James James is unexpectedly promoted to partner in the Mayfair firm of Bugle & Yarrington while he is still wondering how and why he became a lawyer in the first place. This worry is, however, soon forgotten when the more vexing issue of attractive women confronts him.


James' normally less than logical and clear-headed thinking is further muddled as he tries to steer his personal life into bed and his professional life away from disaster.


James James writes this comic satire with lightness and humour, and along with the laughter may be glimpsed the emergent struggle of a humane young man.

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Bugle & Yarrington