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28 August 2015


Imperfect Solo




Boykey Sidley


Out Now

Imperfect Solo


"Smart, dry, edgily funny. A shrewd and richly disturbing pleasure." - William Boyd

"A chiselled novel you won't put down."

- Marie Claire

"If you like Philip Roth you will like Steven Boykey Sidley." - Elle





Imperfect Solo


We are thrilled to be publishing the first UK release of award-winning and multi-shortlisted novelist Steven Boykey Sidley.


His first novel, Entanglement won the UJ Debut Fiction Award and was shortlisted for the Sunday Times Fiction Prize and MNet Literary Award in South Africa. His second novel, Stepping Out was shortlisted for the UJ Main Fiction Award.


Bitter Eden





3 November 2016


A Love Story...

"Such a powerful, melodic, urgent and honest story of suffering, love and survival I have never quite encountered before. This is a jewel of a tale - a vital and raw piece of the true human experience - and it needs to never be forgotten. I am honored to have read it, and will pass it along to many others." - Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.

Tatamkhulu Afrika

Shanghai Passenger


By Lucy Brydon - 15th September 2015


Bugle & Yarrington in The Times


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Bugle & Yarrington - Legal or Not?


In The Field


Published April 2017


Worlds apart, two mothers have lost their sons; only together can their boys survive...

Lawyer, Boxer, Surfer, Scribe...


...Alex Wade


Alex Wade's third book and first novel comes out in June 2016 to much anticipation... the author is a night-lawyer on the newspapers traditionally associated with Fleet Street. But he's also a boxer, a surfer, and journalist with a unique inside knowledge of journalism, newspapers and their arcane morals, semi-rules and laws. He's written about boxing and surfing, and now  he writes about  his profession in Flack's Last Shift. Having read it, you'll think twice about how your next newspaper ended up on the newsstand.

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15th September 2015



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