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About Us


We are a small publisher with big ambitions


Toby Fountaine founded Blue Mark Books after a lifelong passion for literature and writing, and after discovering several brilliant books that he knew ought to be published.


Our aim is to publish really good quality writing which encompasses a good yarn as well - the kind of literature that might be remembered beyond the generation that buys it.


Shanghai Passenger is our latest title, and adds a brilliant new dimension to our catalogue. Lucy Brydon's first novel brings Shanghai and some wonderful characters to life with writing that haunted us long after we'd finished.


Tisala is our first title, and we are hugely proud to bring it into the public domain. We believe it is an extraordinary book, and one that we hope will influence many.


Bugle & Yarrington is a humorous satire on life and love in a London law firm and we think it's the funniest legal writing since Rumpole. But that's for you to judge.


Forgive Us Our Trespasses is a literary novel: a dark, unsettling thriller about a love affair between the two protagonists who are both married, and who tell the story from their respective viewpoints. We found it difficult to put down.


We are working on further titles and look forward to bringing you news of these soon.


If you have bought or downloaded one of our books, thank you - and we very much hope you enjoy it - that is why we exist.







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